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Remote Controller Metal Car Garage


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  • 433.92MHZ Copy Remote Controller Metal Clone Remotes Auto Copy Duplicator For Gadgets Car Home Garage High Quality GDeals


100% Brand new and high quality !  
Rated Voltage:12V  
Working Currentl(1.6±0.3)mA  
Working Voltage:DC12V  
Transmitting Power     -15dbm  
Button Operation Ability:200±50g  
Second Harmonic:-36dbm  
Working Temperature:-5~+45°C  
Standby Current:<0.03uA  
Emission Frequency: (433±0.075)MHZ  
Battery Mode:27A  
Button Durability:More than 100,000times  
Button :4  
Use Range: garage door, sliding door, gate,ect  
Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers so you always have a backup:  
1.Vehicle central locking systems    
2. Garage doors    
3. Electronic gates    
4. Electrical appliances/Home automation i.e. lights  
5. Car sunroofs    
6. Car/Motorbike alarms  
Easy to use, the 4 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets,  car, home and garage.  
Operation instructions:  
1.Chips could be copied  
2260(all manufacturers);2262(All manufacturers);PT2264, 5326(All manufacturers);SC5262, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, SMC918series,527(All manufacturers);1527(All manufacturers);2240(All manufacturers);HCS101, HCS200\HCS201(part code),HCS300\HCS301, part single chip microcomputer.  
2.Code cleaning method:  
Press the unlock button and lock button at the same time(some shells are the up button and down button), after the LED indicator light flashes three times, loosen any one of the buttons while the other is kept pressing, then push the released button three times, the LED indicator will enter into the fast flashing status. At this time all the memory data is cleared, the cleaned remote control will not have lighting LED indicator no matter which button you press.  
3. Copy method  
One hand keeps the original remote controller, while another keeps the copy remote control, the two remote controls should be placed as closely as possible (the ideal situation is to put the two remote controls on the desktop side by side with zero distance), respectively press down the copy button, when the LED indicator light flashes quickly after three flashes, this copy is successful, other key operating methods are the same. Some remote control has a smaller transmitting power, so the original remote control should be placed back to the copy remote control to be operated. For the presence of noise, it should avoid interference to operate, If the copy is not successful, it should recopy after clearing code.  
4. The features of new copy remote control  
The four buttons could respectively copy four different types of chips, That is a remote control can operate four different types of facilities. The frequency is from 270MHz to 434MHZ and more than ten frequency points. Faster copy data speed, not easy losing code, far distance.  
5.The common brand of garage door, retractable door, road gate, parking lock, burglar alarm that could be copied are:  
Dalian Seyside series(including new soma), Hangzhou Master Series, Shenzhen Zhongtian A\Zhongtian B, Foshan While horse\Blue horse\Transparent horse5MHz Horse door, Ningbo Duya 1\Duya 2, Ideal series, Yantai Shengda series, Yantai Boda series, Shenyang Haitong series, Shenyang future Wright red light\green light(Including welding code and learning code), Xuji S60\S66 series, Red gate series, Speed series, Changshun series, Master series(Including learning code), Shenzhen Shunchang series, Jiangxi Parkson Hercules series(Including welding code, learning code, rolling code), Giant light series, Haizhu series, Haiyu series(Including SHARP 315MHz), Jiahe series(Including Jiahe 315 special scroll code), Rail fixed code series...  
Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.  
Please allow 2-3cm differs due to manual measurement .