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Multi-Functional Hair Dryer Brush


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  • This drying straightening and totating airbrush comes with 4 accessories, each one indiapensable for creating the same stylers as your hairstylist at home .
  • Straighten your hair perfectly , create volume when it lacks"oomph", turn the ends of your hair under or out, shape your fringe with a flip of the wrist,give a spiral curl effect to the tips or highlight your natural curls,all these moves are now easier thanks to the 4 in 1 brushing !
  • 4 in 1 brushing dries, straightens and shines in just one stroke, all this while it preserver the natural quality and shine of your hair .


 Only 220V EU plug

1000W for quick blow - drying or pre blow - drying , without accessory .

2 temperature settings + ' cool-air ' position

Position 2 : high temperature to pre-dry wet hair ( after towel drying )

Position 1 :moderate temperature to dry damp hair  .

' cool - air ' position : a shot of cool air at the end of straightening or blow - drying sets the movement of every section of hair and gives it a  ' long - lasting  ' effect .

Switch cord for practical use 

removable rear filter for easy maintenance and extended life of the unit .



Everything you need to  know about 4 in 1 brushing............

A . The straightening head with two rows of teech 

the ergonomic dual straightening head of the airbrush makes it especially easy to use : hair dried and straightened from roots to tips in just on stroke .

the two rows of teeth let you straighten twice in just one stroke for greater efficiency and speed. the ceramic coating provides perfect glide through your hair and guarantees perfect straightening , while completely respecting the hair .


B.The 50mm rotating boar-bristle head with ceramic coating for perfect glide and better protection of your hair 

The " brush/blow- dryer " will revolutionise your blow drying.

This ideal brush diameter, creat a straightening and volumising motion without tangling your hair,with the best blow-drying result for hairthat is truly soft .

Thanks to its two-way rotation , the hair can be dried to curl under or out whether you are right-handed or left-handed


C. 20mm round boar-bristle brush

This diameter is more specifically adapted for the finishing touchs: it will highlight the shape of specific sections of hair like the fringe , the tips or the roots .

Its use can also be varied according to the length of your hair :

on short hair , it can be used horizontally as the rotating head for a smooth and natural blow-dry, with ends turned under or out .

on long hair , it can be used vertically to create the effect of spiral curls at the tips 


D. The volume diffuser

Specially designed for curls or tight curls, this accessory dries hair naturally , without damaging it , thanks to an adjusted airflow. this way , natural curls are respected and accentuated .

Moreover , they can be used to lift the roots and give your hair volume .





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 Only 220V EU plug