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LED Baby Thermometer Shower


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  • Material: ABS (electroplating), PC
  • Nut: International standard 1/2 inch
  • Measuring range: 5 ~ 85 ° C.
  • Measurement error: ±0.5 °C
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5 ° C
  • Product specifications: 8*8*3cm
  • Product material: ASB (electroplating), PC
  • Product Description: Using advanced technology, the water bath thermometer is designed to take care of your baby like a baby needs. With a revolutionary LED digital display, this shower hose connector allows you to clearly and accurately monitor the water temperature based on a high precision temperature sensor. No longer worry about hot or cold showers, you can easily get the best water temperature.
  • Main features: Built-in water flow generator, no need for battery automatic power generation
  • 360-degree rotating LED digital display allows you to easily monitor water temperature;
  • High-precision temperature sensor accurately measures water temperature;
  • Suitable for standard 1/2 inch water pipes, shower hoses or hand showers
  • Quick installation without any other tools;
  • As a necessity for the family, care and surprise;


  • When installing the shower thermometer, align the screen with the right hand in the same direction so that the digital display can look forward.
  • Do not use tools such as wrenches or wrenches to avoid damaging the thermometer. It is easy to tighten the nut by hand.
  • The product adopts ABS plastic plating material, which is sturdy and durable.

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