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Best Quality Exclusive Camera Drones

Best Quality Camera Drones

Video production has gained a major boost in recent years, specifically if we talk about camera drone; with them the possibilities increased greatly and brought new breath to the area. Drone videos are becoming increasingly common and are present in many types of production, from weddings to music videos. Want to learn more about this new technology then check out our tips.

Generally speaking, drone is the term used to describe a remotely controlled flying vehicle. In the past, this term was used to refer to military aircraft, commonly used in exploration missions.


Nowadays, the term has become quite popular due to the success of the quadcopter, small civilian drones. This type of device has been widely used by photographers and, especially, cameramen, as it provides a new angle of view, bringing more possibilities for the work of these professionals.

Going forward, we will refer to drones as the devices used by civilians, mainly for audiovisual production. Some time ago, drone models relied heavily on a combustion engine, which made their value considerably high. Fortunately, the technology has evolved a lot and are currently battery-powered, which has greatly reduced the cost of this type of equipment.


The composition of a drone is relatively simple a “minicomputer” (processor, memory, sensors, software and other components), motors and propellers (usually two pairs), camera, stabilizer, battery, cards and other controllers.

Besides these parts, one of the main components of a drone is precisely its control. Most models offer the possibility of docking to mobile phones and tablets, transmitting live images captured by the camera. This makes it possible to configure image and video parameters. The control is responsible for the all the navigation commands.


Moreover, drones have introduced a new range of possibilities into the audiovisual scenes. Most professional handsets have a number of functions, which makes virtually any type of recording possible. In addition, the most advanced already record in 4K, with high resolution. Here Assortment Array has the some of the trending camera drones with latest technology with different prices and specifications. Just have a look on following we hope some of them catch your eye.